A genuine hand knotted rug will last a very long time if you take a few precautions to protect it from premature wear and damage. Common problems include water damage, dog chews, moth damage, cat scratching, pet stains, vacuum cleaner damage, and uneven wear. We bring even the most damaged rug back to life.




Professional cleaning is recommended every few years.  Proper rug cleaning is essential in protecting and extending the life of your area rug. Despite regular vacuuming, dirt and other particulates keep accumulating deep in the pile at the base of the rug and it gradually gets somewhat compacted, especially in densely knotted rugs. This gradually weakens the foundation and shortens the rug life. It also acts as an invitation to insects/moth . 
We provide professional rug cleaning services treating all kinds of area rugs and carpets, including rugs from China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Persia, Russia, Turkey, Silk, handmade and machine made rugs. 
We treat each rug individually with tremendous attention and care, and determine the best cleaning method that suits each individual rug and carpet based on your rug’s weave, yarn and dye type.
We also provide special cleaning to take pet urine and odor out of your rugs without using any harsh chemicals or odor blockers. We also provide pickup and delivery.


Repairs if done in time will make your rug last longer, if you see loose threads-you can cut them out, Sprouting is characteristics of the wool-it can be cut out by using a pair of scissors. If you see unraveling of fringes or such, take it to professional repairer. 

We provide area rug restoration and repair services. Including fringe repair & replacement, bonding, rug reweaving, rips and tears repaired, repairing pet damage, & moth proofing.

Free estimates on rug repair.


We carry pad for all of your oriental and area rug needs. Whether you are placing your rug on hardwood floors, stone, tile, or carpet, we have the right type of pad to keep your rug in place.

                                Damaged fringe was removed.

                   New fringe was made using the base of the rug.